Thirteen love nine

i would even follow you into the dark

 Collage: kyuhae

[Gif] KyuHae holding hands

Kyuhae AU for Kyutie-ful: Where Kyuhyun is taken from Donghae.

As the string of time slowly burns, Donghae must solve the mystery of where his love has disappeared to. But as the string burns, he begins to forget, every memory of Kyuhyun being wiped from his mind one by one until the only thing that remains is a great chasm in Donghae’s life. When he doesn’t succeed, in another life time, Kyuhyun will be ripped away from Donghae again and the circle will continue on for each and every one of Donghae’s lives. It’s a fate set upon them until the life in which Donghae finds Kyuhyun before time runs out.

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